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EIN Credit Funding:

Your Trusted Credit Specialists

At EIN Credit Funding, we are certified credit specialists committed to helping you secure credit lines and loans to start and grow your business—even when traditional banks say “NO.”

Access the financing you need promptly, benefit from excellent interest rates, and enjoy low monthly payments through our extensive network of lenders and investors.

Trust EIN Credit Funding for all of your Business Credit and Funding needs.

Build Business Credit Quickly with EIN Credit Funding

Let us guide you through the process of building business credit swiftly and effectively. At EIN Credit Funding, we prioritize your education, offering comprehensive insights into the credit-building journey.

Why Choose Us:

  • Experienced Team: Benefit from over 20 years of combined experience in business credit and funding.

  • Leaders in Business Funding: We are industry leaders, facilitating access to business loans and credit lines tailored to your needs.

Our Focus: You and Your Business

At EIN Credit Funding, our focus is solely on you and your business. We are committed to your success and dedicated to providing personalized solutions to accelerate your business growth. Trust us to elevate your business credit journey.

How Important is it for You to Predict the Future Growth of Your Business?

Build Business Credit Fast!

Establish Business Credit Safely with EIN Credit Funding:

At EIN Credit Funding, we specialize in helping you establish business credit using your EIN (Employer Identification Number) without requiring a social security number, personal credit check or guarantee. Even when you face challenges like limited cash flow or a lack of collateral, we can assist you in getting approved for essential credit.

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You didn’t come this far to stop.

The finish line is right around the corner!

Get the Most Money For Your Business

It's going to work like this...

We will email you a list of questions form to learn more about you, your business and your expectations. This way we know how to best guide you.

Introduction form
Initial live chat
Mail support
Video calls

In the first call or video call we will establish the guidelines you must follow during our first 8 weeks together.

We'll set aside one day a week to answer all the questions you send me via email so you have ongoing support throughout the process.

We will have a call or video call every two weeks. Each time we will review what you have done and what you need to do.

Do you need help with your business?
  • Taking the first steps is not easy. 

  • You have a lot to learn: you consume videos, podcasts and courses relevant to your project. 

  • The information you accumulated is beyond you, you have no idea how to apply it. 

  • One day you are productive and the next you don't want to do anything. 

  • And although you want to dedicate yourself fully to your business, you do not dare to leave your day job.

  • Now your facing new challenges. That's what will get you to the top.

  • You need to position your personal brand, go from theory to practice, and you don't see the results yet? 

  • When you think about raising prices, your mind says that you will lose your customers. 

  • You dream of collaborating on a mutual project with someone else and you don't dare approach anyone.

  • Although you have good ideas, you see how someone else implements them before you get the chance.

"Yes, I am setting up my business and I could use a little help."
"Yes, I want to grow my business and I don't know where to start."
two men sitting at a table with laptops
two men sitting at a table with laptops

This mentoring is between the mentee and mentor: or, you and me. There will be no other people involved.

You will receive an exclusive strategy for your business, designed to meet your specific objectives.

1 to 1 mentoring 
Duration: 8 weeks

590 USD

You can pay in two installments:
50% at the beginning of the first month, and the other 50% at the beginning of the second. Remember that with personalized mentoring, the monthly quotas are limited.

Why choose me as your mentor?

I am Tati Uribe, and the most powerful reason I can give you is simple: I am going to help you walk at a fast pace, a path that many entrepreneurs take years on. I started in 2012 and, because I did not have the necessary knowledge, it took me more than 5 years to position my personal brand. Despite this, I have a community of more than 400,000 people (between Instagram and YouTube). I also opened my digital agency, where we help more than 100 clients around the world to manage their marketing strategies for impactful online communication. In 2018 I launched my advisory and mentoring service for entrepreneurs. Today I have accompanied the path of more than 1,500 people with a high degree of satisfaction. I'd love for you to be one of them. What do you think?